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eCommerce Store with Social Marketing

Posted by VariyaSoft on 27-08-2012 in Ecommerce

Importance of Social Network for Marketing

If you have something to sell whether its product or service – what do you think first?

How to sell for good result of your products and services? How to generate more traffic and get more and more visibility of your products? If we are selling any product by shop, than mouth to mouth marketing is good enough because, small store covers its area. But in Web Worlds it’s totally opposite. If you just created website – who knows you have created website – how you tell others that we are selling such kind of good products and services than can benefit for you, your family and your company.

Why to move with Social Network for eCommerce?

The important point is social networking sites – where you can find millions of users. – Do you ever think we can use such a huge traffic to promote your eCommerce Store?

If NO – you are missing not little but LOT.

Now most of the social networking site provides to create pages, special box/section to promote your products/services and more like creating portfolio or your products by images, videos, and banners and many other important tools to visit your website with great traffic.

If you think – you have to pay for this – than you are in big mistake – its 100% FREE.

Why building with Facebook?

Social networking sites are very much important where you can have already established and well-connected users/traffic to promote your products. From research, we can say last quarter, 57% users went to Facebook daily from 800 Million Active Users. This figure we are sure it would put you in thinking to move with Facebook services. Such good traffic is not just on one website, we can suggest you more where you can have more users having great linking. You can find not just single user but you can have companies also where you may have bulk orders too. This may give you big opportunity to be from small company to bigger company.

Do I have other option than Facebook?


We have other major websites where we can publish our product and services information more like search for your growing eCommerce Website Development. We can create video exploring product information and publish on YouTube kind of Video Social Networking site.

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Why VariyaSoft for eCommerce Building and SEO?

If you search for eCommerce website builder, you will be having lots of companies or freelancers around you providing similar services. But we can be best from them because, we do not compromise with QUALITY and Turn Around Production to make your dream in real Web World. We have strong team helps you to share new idea with assured result to implement your eCcommerce store visible with more perfect traffic on major search engines by providing SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service.