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Why Mobile Commerce or better to say mCommerce

Posted by VariyaSoft on 20-01-2013 in Ecommerce

Mobile Commerce - mCommerceWhy Mobile Commerce - mCommerce Apps on Mobile. Early, a few years ago, nobody knows that mobile can turn Web life what we have now a days. We used mobile only for making and receiving call and simple text messages. We used mobile to save contacts and call to desired person. But we have totally new revolution and use of technology in mobile industry now. Mobile is not bounded for making call but it has very important features that help to generate business. As per the report of News Channel, now mobile users are increased to 87.1 Million by December, 2012. This shows how India and other countries are in use of Mobile.

As the new technology born, new idea turns the way of business. Simple thinking of business like, business should be very close to users, customers from where they can reach to you very easy way. Early we use mobile for small internet use and now it’s totally changed. The simple thing is you have business and Website so how many chances you have to take the users on your website? How many of customer will purchase or make online visit of your Website? The answer is – those are connected with internet by Personal Internet from Home or who visits Cyber Cafe. But if you turn your business more on Mobile, you can increase the number of visits and turn your business much more.

For example, if we think, from 100 people, if 40% is having internet, what about rest of 60%? As mobile is very much affordable, Internet Service Provider has great plans where user can afford it. We can turn remaining 60% people for your business growth. By just having full featured application of iPhone and Android, you can turn your business in more 60%. Now days, there are many sites those have Mobile Commerce iPhone and Android Application. We can have such Mobile Application Development in iPhone and Android for you too. You can turn your Website Products, Categories, Email, Online Payment, Information etc. into Mobile Application. As mobile users are much in daily growth, that can help you to bring your business more over benefit.

Difference between Mobile Site and Mobile Application:

  • For mobile site, you may need mobile eCommerce Hosting where Mobile Application does not need that
  • May be all mobile browser does not support your Mobile Website but Mobile Application does not need any browser.
  • Such sites needs Mobile Optimization where Mobile Application does not need such SEO

Benefit Mobile Application for my ecommerce business:

  • Increase number of users than a Website
  • Your business moves hand to hand

With Final Wording:

This all depends on you how you want and expect while building an Application or Website for your business or organization. We believe to turn your business more growing business by providing excellent serve and use of new technology.