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Gujarat CM - Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout - Best Example of Social Media Power

Posted by VariyaSoft on 04-09-2012 in General

Social media – a powerful platform to increase community in different manners like entertainment, videos, online chatting, discussion forums and different industries. Recently a very popular event occurred by Narendra Modi – a Chief Minister of Gujarat, BJP. He used the technology and power of Google plus Hangout. The show was very successful where people can directly ask CM for development and future investment and activities.


This example shows how we can use social media for promoting political ideas, connecting the world wide users. We just used this but in other countries like Europe, USA and UK already in use of such things since long time and social media plays big role for social marketing. He is not using only Google+ Hangout but connected with Twitter, YouTube. This shows the real use of social media how we can explore our thoughts and important information in front of big troop. However there was one hour late due to heavy traffic on Narendra Modi’s YouTube page. Ajay Devgan – Actor of Bollywood, introduced to present the Narendra Modi to ensure that event would be benefit by hi fan.

Now as by presenting Google+ Hangout event by Narendra Modi, other peoples of society are waking up to use the ultimate power of social media market. Within a short time he got success to connect and live video conferencing with the huge number of Indian People and other communities.

This is real and live example – why we should use the social media that make real importance the power of social media. This shows the awareness and great example for corporate business and entrepreneur how they can use social media market for their services and products branding within short time.