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Custom Open Source CMS

Posted by VariyaSoft on 18-10-2012 in Open Source CMS

There are lots of web based software for CMS but though sometime customer wants own customized Open Source CMS – Content Management System. Such CMS are great to save time and money but at certain level all this makes problem due to their certain level of limitation like may be due to daily updates, some technical issues or resource for those technologies.  Sometime it may be easy to manage or sometime it takes time especially to manage and learn how we can keep updates with plugins. The main problem is to update with the newer version and find the proper developer for that technology.

In recent case, we had a project in one technology. We stopped working on it since last 2 years as its very complex from development point of view and main reason due to limited enquiry say 1 out of 300. Customer has existing site with that software and relevant site updated it with new feature and so client want to update with the new one. Client came to us from the Google and asked to install newer version. The problem was, we left the work on that software before 2 years. This can be happened with any software development company – not only with us. In such case it becomes hard to find the developer and so if we have software specially designed as per requirement, same company can help you for betterment and help to make required changes. The software is developed by the same company and so it becomes much easier to upgrade with new features. The situation is not limited for CMS only; it can be happened with ecommerce site, personal sites, social networking sites etc.